Looking for ideas for floor coverings the other day, I stumbled upon some dhurries in a local store and was reminded of how much I enjoy these versatile decorative pieces.

The humble dhurrie might have started out as a simple floor mat in the Indian subcontinent, but today it’s become something of a style statement for the Western home. The colors, the look and the practicality of the dhurrie make it an ideal complement to the kind of ‘casual elegance’ aesthetic that adapts so well to many American homes.


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Perhaps the most popular style of dhurrie today is the simple stripe. The stripe often evokes the feeling of casual yet classy beach living; here, the designer of this room really plays up that “beach feeling” with informal cane chairs and a shell-adorned chandelier. There are more complex striped patterns too; you can find several of them at  http://www.indiandhurries.com

In softer shades of beige, ecru and oatmeal, dhurries readily adopt a role as another neutral in a calming palette of natural tones. See how the dhurrie here is an interesting contrast to the dark wood floor (which creates a space-defining border) while brightening and lightening the room? It is also remarkably hard-wearing and practical;  the flat weave responds well to vacuuming, and because dhurries are typically wool, they tend to wear well and repel staining if you tend to minor disasters quickly.

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Just as neutral dhurries keep a palette light, colorful ones help to accentuate bright shades in a room… how about the cheerful orange and white dhurrie in this little dining room, with the multicolored seats and cushions?                                  Or the turquoise and pale mint stripes echoing the bed dressing?

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Of course, not all dhurries are striped. Port City Flooring here in Portland have some alternative patterns; something of this kind is especially useful in adding texture to a room with a more minimalist feel:

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Perhaps the greatest indicator of their resurgence of popularity here is their representation in some of the best direct retail catalogs … I noticed some great ones in West Elm recently. You might want to check them out!

Written by Penny